Over the last couple of weeks we have received a lot of calls from new and existing customers looking to move their accounts over to our cloud based system Klyant, as businesses investigate ways to accommodate staff working from home. Thankfully, as our migration and onboarding processes are fully operational, we are able to accommodate these customers.

However, we are also aware that some businesses are simply not in a position to make a decision on, or take action on, that kind of project for any number of reasons beyond their control. We know some firms are finding it hard to reconcile the need of staff to be at home and the need to carry out some of the key functions of the business. 

In an attempt to support those businesses, and the industry in general, we have made the decision to make our software available free of charge to those who are struggling to juggle between their existing infrastructure and the reality of the Covid 19 outbreak until their contingency plans can be fully rolled out. If yours is one of those businesses that might benefit from having access to a cloud based accounting solution as a stop gap measure, then let us know and we can try to help you.

We think this solution might be useful if you are using a desktop system but your team have to work from home for an extended period of time and you still need to be able to track and see your financial transactions from wherever you may be. Your business could use Klyant like a journal of financial transactions/bills/rent roll when you don’t have access to the office system. These transactions could then be entered into the existing system at a later date. That way you are tracking transactions accurately and everyone who needs to see them can do so no matter where they are.

Separately we work closely with expert property industry bookkeepers across Ireland and the UK. If you are in need of additional help we would be happy to recommend a colleague in the property accounting industry.

Further as a provider of cloud based accounting technology we use a lot of cloud based software to communicate as a team. If anyone would like any advice on how we are facilitating our team to work from home please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to share our knowledge.

If you think any of the above might help your firm please contact us at hello@klyant.com.

Best wishes and keep safe,

John GilmartinCEO

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